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Ok, here's the thing. I wouldn't want to go back to writing, as I once did, on a typewriter but I seldom got angry at my Royal. Of course, I'm trying to do things on the computer that would have seemed like science fiction back then. But I'm making very little headway. Take this website for instance, no, really, take the durn thing and make it work. I'm not having any luck. As you might notice on the home page, I finally got a picture of the cover of my poetry book, Songs on the Prairie Wind, to appear, not a great image of a beautiful cover but it's there and the best I can do for now. I will try to put that picture here also because I'm just that proud of how it came out. I took it but it looks good because of the help of a great friend and pro-photographer, Lefty Brandon and the simple, elegant title design of another friend, Alan Justice. I would like to get this thing to have a way you can buy any of my books but, for now, if you're interested, just email me at (there's something else to work on, email linked to the site.)

Why I Do What I Do

OK, let me be frank here, I really don't know why. Why write? I can think of reasons and some apply to me but none actually explain why someone as lazy as I am really works at lining up words in an order that pleases me. Make no mistake about it, as much as I like applause, there is something more that overcomes my basic and ingrained inertia. Whatever it is, here I am, writing something insignificant for whoever happens to stumble by. It's really just by way of introduction, a way to get started.

I do have some news to report, however, I will be adding a new publication to those available. My small book of poetry based on life, history, and family in the rural Southwest will be here in a few days and available for purchase. These mostly free verse poems deal with landscape, weather, animals, ancestors, and my emotions involving all of these. I hope you'll be interested in reading them and tell me what you think. I'll try to add things from time to time, possibly including the occasional poem. I'm very comfortable with reasoned critique and may make use of any of it that seems right to me. I am also a teacher, workshop leader, giver of critique as well, so if you would like a response to your work, email something to me and we'll talk. Just don't expect a back-patting because I don't tend to pull punches about stuff like that.
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    Del Cain is the author of the immensely popular Lawmen of the Old West: The Good Guys and Lawmen of the Old West: The Bad Guys, as well as poems and stories in various journals and anthologies. He was born and raised in northwest Oklahoma and now lives with his wife in Saginaw, Texas. He is a member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Writers Workshop.


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